FIN 101 Personal Finance

Having a bright financial future is what Finance 101 is all about! FIN101 is primarily a computational course, using personal financial topics to learn how to make decisions as a result of an analysis of the numbers involved. These personal financial concepts include goal setting, budgeting, major purchase decision making, credit, risk analysis, investments and retirement. Critical and creative thinking skills are demonstrated by solving practical everyday personal financial story problems. Microsoft Excel is used to perform many of the mathematical calculations necessary to arrive at solutions. Upon completing the course, the student will be proficient in skills related to Microsoft Excel. This will prepare the student to take the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Certification exam for Excel. The student will differentiate themselves in the marketplace by receiving a certification in Excel and applying specific financial skills through authentic learning experiences.


3 credits


MAT 97A or higher or appropriate placement score.


Fall, Winter, Spring