Repeating Courses

A student may repeat a course in which a low grade was received. Once the course has been discontinued, the right to repeat the course for a better grade is gone.

The student must register and pay tuition for the semester in which the class is repeated. The original grade remains on the record and is marked as a repeated course. The highest grade received in the course will then be used in calculating the student’s cumulative grade point average. Hours earned in repeat courses may be counted toward graduation requirements only once. If after repeating the course the student still has not achieved a required grade (i.e., a C grade or higher in the program classes), the student must obtain approval from the Program Chair/Course Supervisor to repeat the course. Different rules may apply for financial aid eligibility.

LDSBC courses cannot be replaced by equivalent courses from other institutions. Students should also be aware that this is a LDSBC policy and other institutions are not obligated to honor it.