Transfer to LDBC

LDSBC generally accepts college level transfer credits from regionally-accredited colleges and universities. Courses from institutions that are not regionally-accredited are generally not transferable to LDSBC except in circumstances where there is an articulation agreement with a specific institution and program. Generally, courses completed 10 or more years ago will be accepted as elective credit.

Only transfer courses with a grade of C- or higher are eligible for transfer consideration. Additionally, transfer credit may be used to satisfy degree requirements but will not be calculated into the LDSBC GPA. Transfer courses in disciplines not offered at LDSBC or considered to be out of harmony with established principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will not be accepted by LDSBC for credit consideration.

Institute of Religion Cornerstone classes with a grade are transferrable. These classes do not count toward the religion residency requirement.