ELAN 101B Intro to College Writ, Pt2(N)

This is the second semester of a two-semester version of English 101 for non-native English speakers who completed ELAN 101A. Adds intensive work in grammar, punctuation, building confidence and skill as a writer, and the expectations of American academic writing to the English 101 curriculum. Students in English 101 will work individually and in groups to observe and produce writing for both academic and workplace settings. The course explores the writing and revision process and reviews grammar, editing, and proofreading as applied in students’ own writing. Writing will grow from different purposes as students compose for varied audiences, formats, and media, including business documents, research-based academic and general writing, reflections, and presentations. Critical thinking and information literacy is included in this course. Students who succeed in this course will be able to produce professional-quality writing that is clear, concise, evidence-driven and persuasive. Successful completion of ELAN 101B completes the English 101 requirement.


3 credits


Matching section of ELAN 101A (example, if you took ELAN 101A-01, you should enroll in ELAN 101B-01); ENG 87 (may be taken concurrently)


Fall, Winter