ENTR 235 Executive Seminars

ENTR 235-01 Importing from China This one-hour course provides students with the practical skills and know-how to set up a business for importing products from China. It teaches all facets of such an enterprise, such as how to identify profitable products, manufacturing locations, quality and logistics, customer service, as well as labor availability and treatment. 

ENTR 235-02 Pitching Your Idea It is one thing to have a great money-making idea. It is quite another to be able to effectively sell that idea to the right people to help bring that idea to fruition. This one-hour course offer students the tools to create powerful sales pitches to bring their idea to life to lenders, investors, and other influential individuals. 

ENTR 235-03 Identifying Profitable Franchises There is often a fine line between a growing, money-making franchise operation and one that struggles or never quite gets off the ground. It is a skill to properly network, research, and close on a profitable franchise. This course arms students with the tools to succeed as a franchisee, and goes beyond the initial decision to such critical elements as location, hiring, operations management, marketing, and corporate relations.


1 credits




Fall, Spring