Course Sharing Policy

To better serve students by providing additional general education course offerings, LDS Business College will extend opportunities for students to complete BYU-Idaho online general education courses.

The relevant LDSBC faculty will review and approve the shared BYU-Idaho courses for content, outcomes, and assessments.  BYU-Idaho course prefixes, numbers, and titles will be changed to reflect the LDSBC course identification and numbering system.

The courses will be listed in the LDSBC catalog and on the student transcript as LDSBC courses with a notation in the course description informing students that the courses will be offered through the BYU-Idaho online system. Transcription of the BYU-Idaho courses will be completed at LDSBC.

The courses will be delivered to LDSBC students through the BYU-Idaho online system, utilizing their Learning Management System (LMS).  The courses will be taught by BYU-Idaho faculty.  LDSBC students will be required to adhere to the BYU-Idaho academic calendar, policies, course standards, and honor code.