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Associate of Applied Science

  • A minimum of 60 credits are required.
  • The AAS degree is not a transfer degree. This degree is provided in fields of study where additional education does not significantly increase employability.
  • Required credits include religion, program required courses, program core courses, and if applicable, electives.
  • Some individual course credits may transfer to other institutions depending on the requirements of the institution receiving the transfer request.
  • At least 50% of required credits must be earned directly from LDS Business College.
AAS Programs Credits
Applied Technology 65
Cybersecurity 65
Interior Design 89
Paralegal Studies 60

Associate of Science

  • A minimum of 60 credits are required.
  • The AS degree, as a regionally accredited degree, is a transfer degree because it satisfies the majority of lower division general education requirements and should be accepted at four-year institutions.
  • Depending on the requirements of the receiving institution, students may be required to complete additional courses to meet specific institutional or program requirements.
  • Required credits include religion, general education, college success course, internship, certificate requirements, and if applicable, electives.
  • At least 50% of required credits must be earned directly from LDS Business College.
  • Students earn the AS degree by completing a certificate and the general education requirements.
AS degree with Certificate
8 credits
15-29 credits
General Education (GE)
30 credits
College Success 3 credits
     BAP 115, Excel & Technology  
     CAR 101, College Success  
     CAR 299, Internship  
Electives (students may need up to 4 elective credits)
4 credits
60-74 credits


General Education courses support the College’s mission.  These courses provide students with foundational knowledge and intellectual tools for future academic success and life-long learning.  Students are exposed to multiple areas of knowledge, methods of inquiry, critical thinking, informational literacy, and real-world problem solving.  General Education encourages students to engage the world as socially-responsible citizens, contributing members of the workforce, and active participants in families, the Church, and their local communities.

General Education Outcomes

Students graduating from LDS Business College with an Associate of Science degree will:

1. Gain Fundamental Content Knowledge, including completion of the following core and breadth requirements

  • Composition / English
  • Quantitative Literacy
  • American Institutions
  • Fine Arts
  • Humanities
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Social Science

2. Acquire Intellectual Tools & Practical Skills, including 

  • Inquiry and Analysis 
  • Critical and Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 
  • Written and Verbal Communication
  • Information Literacy
  • Teamwork and Leadership

3. Develop Personal and Social Responsibility, including

  • Sustainable Stewardship to Self, Family, Church and Community
  • Community and Civic Knowledge
  • Ethical Reasoning, Emotional Intelligence and Initiative
  • Rights & Obligations of Citizenship

4. Synthesize Learning, including

  • Application of Knowledge, Skills and Responsibilities to New Settings
  • Integrating Knowledge of Multiple Disciplines to Solve Real-World Problems

5. Value Career Management & Life-long Learning, including

  • Integrating Skills for College and Career Success
  • Professionalism, Work Ethic and Accountability in the Workplace
  • Technology and Computer Skills in the Workplace

General education courses are part of the requirements for the Associate of Science degree.  This degree is designed for students who want to transfer to four-year institutions and continue their education.  To maximize transferability, students should complete all the general education requirements for the AS degree and graduate from LDSBC.  Students desiring to transfer should meet with an LDSBC academic advisor to learn more about transferability of courses and degrees.

LDSBC works to establish articulation agreements with other colleges and universities for students in their continued pursuits of lifelong learning and academics.  Students interested in transferring credits to another college or university should review that institution’s transfer guidelines and policies. Students are encouraged to contact the four-year institutions to which they plan to transfer and check degree requirements and departmental prerequisites. LDSBC makes no guarantee of credit transfer and cannot negotiate or change the graduation requirements of another higher education institution.

Career Opportunities

The Associate of Science degree gives students a quick entry into the marketplace now as well as the option for continued education to advance their careers in the future. The eternal truths acquired in this distinctly LDS environment help build family and prepare the student for leadership in employment, the Church, and community. You will find career opportunities on the web pages for each certificate.


There are several certificates offered at the College and all certificates can be either completed as a stand-alone certificate or as part of the AS degree requirements. 

Certificates completed as a stand-alone certificate are only eligible for federal financial aid (pending FAFSA eligibility) if the certificate is more than 15 credits. 

All certificates are eligible for federal financial aid (pending FAFSA eligibility) as part of the AS degree requirements.

Certificate Credits
Accounting 15*
Business Analytics 15*
Business Intelligence 21
Cloud & Systems Administration 21
Computer Science 19
Digital Marketing 15*
Global Supply Chain & Operations 15*
Human Resource Management 15*
Interior Design 28
IT Fundamentals 15*
Medical Assistant 29
Medical Coding 28
Network Administration 24
Paralegal Studies 27
Professional Business Management 15*
Project Management 15*
Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship 21
Social Media Marketing 15*
Software Engineering 21
Technical Support Engineer 15*
Technology Account Management 15*

*Programs are not eligible for federal financial aid as a stand-alone certificate.