CAR 299 Internship

This course is designed to allow students to apply what they learned in their certificate program in a professional setting. Students will identify prior to the course a business or organization that is willing to allow them to do an internship. Students will work with the Career and Internship Services office to verify that the internship they have selected meets the college-wide expectations for internships. The internships must include a minimum of 10 hours per week of work for a minimum of 7 weeks. Program Chair and Internship Office approval required prior to registering for the course. Internships work must be related to an earned certificate or program emphasis.


1 credit


Prior to taking CAR 299, the student must (1) complete 12 credits of the certificate courses or 50% of the Program AAS courses, AND (2) complete 24-credit hours on campus (two semesters), AND (3) have a cumulative 2.0 GPA


Fall, Winter, Spring