President’s Message

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Welcome to LDS Business College. If you’re new to our campus, we’re grateful you’re here. If you’re a returning student, we’re glad to have you back.

Your experience at LDS Business College will be unique and wonderfully rewarding. Our focus as an institution is to help you develop market-ready skills in a spiritually enriching, testimony building and uplifting environment. Here, you’ll learn by doing as you grow and become a capable and trusted disciple of the Savior.

Your educational pursuits at the College will prepare you for a career or further education, whichever you choose. I invite you to make every moment count in positive and productive ways. Be a dedicated student by preparing each day for rich learning experiences. As you do so, the Holy Ghost will be your Master Teacher in remarkable ways. Live a worthy life and take advantage of our proximity to a House of the Lord by being a frequent temple patron. Also, I invite you to attend weekly devotionals. As you do these things, I promise you’ll be lifted, edified and strengthened in ways you can hardly imagine.

I welcome you, warmly and sincerely, to LDS Business College.

Best regards,

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Bruce C. Kusch, Ph.D.

President, LDS Business College