Deep Learning at LDS Business College

LDSBC Learning Pattern

The Spirit-Centered classrooms at LDS Business College are designed to achieve deep learning and create environments where students act to become capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ.  Employing a variety of teaching methods through a distinct learning pattern, courses are immersive, integrated, iterative, and interactive, where information is not simply delivered and where students accept and assume responsibility for their learning. The outcomes of deep learning include capability, competence, and confidence to enter the world of work prepared to make significant contributions.

Deep Learning is the result of a learner, acting in, with, and by faith in Jesus Christ; it is inherently a spiritual experience and evidence of the fruits of the Atonement of Jesus Christ working in the lives of the learner and teacher. Deep Learning leads to understanding--the capacity to know, do, and become--and is ultimately a gift of the Spirit.