Academic Departments


Department Chair Doug McDougal
Program Chairs Brent Andrus: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Human Resource Management, Professional Business Management, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Ken DuVall: Business Analytics
Doug McDougal: Accounting
Steve Rogers: Global Supply Chaing & Operations, Project Management
Associate of Applied Science AAS Business Applied Technology (for ATC students)
Certificates Accounting
Business Analytics
Global Supply Chain & Operations
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Human Resource Management
Professional Business Management
Project Management
Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Professional Services

Department Chair Kimberly Garner
Program Chairs Heidi Plumb: Interior Design
Kimberly Garner: Paralegal Studies
Schillene Bigelow: Medical Assisting
Jerilyn Butterfield: Medical Coding
Associate of Applied Science AAS Interior Design
AAS Paralegal Studies
Certificates Interior Design
Medical Assisting
Medical Coding
Paralegal Studies

Digital Technology

Department Chair Nelson Altamirano
Program Chairs Nelson Altamirano: Digital Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Technology Account Management
Troy Beynon: Business Intelligence, Cloud & Systems Administration
Spencer DeGraw: IT Fundamentals, Network Administration, Technical Support Engineer
Jared Plumb: Computer Science, Software Engineering
Associate of Applied Science AAS Cyber Security
Certificates Business Intelligence
Cloud & Systems Administration
Computer Science
Digital Content Creation
Digital Marketing
IT Fundamentals
Network Administration
Social Media Marketing
Software Engineering
Technical Support Engineer
Technology Account Management

General Studies

Department Chair Jennifer Warnas
Program Chairs Denice Lingen: Math
Megan Rice: English
Matt Tittle: BAP, CAR 101, CAR 201, CAR 299, ATC
Jennifer Warnas: General Education, College-Wide Capabilities
Associate of Science Matt Tittle, Degree Coordinator

The Associate of Science (AS) degree with stackable certificates, in emphases areas (see Degrees & Certificates Offered) is a transfer degree.