Authorization to Reduce Course Load

International students cannot make changes in their schedule which would drop them below 12 credits (full-time) without obtaining authorization from the Manager of the ISO. This rule is applicable both before and after the add/drop deadlines. Authorization may be given for extenuating circumstances. Students will be considered in status despite less than 12 credit enrollment if:

  • They have less than 12 credits left to graduate.
  • They have obtained a medical leave of absence.
    • Students who encounter a medical condition will need to present proper medical documentation stating the illness 30 days after the occurrence of the illness. Students will be required to enroll the following semester. If the medical condition extends for a period of longer than two semesters, they will be advised to return to their country to recuperate. Students who ask for a medical leave of absence immediately after they enter the country will be denied, unless they prove they have contracted the medical condition after entering the United States that restrains them from pursuing their academic work.
  • They have been improperly placed – referring to course level.

Students are considered in session and may not work more than 20 hours a week while on reduced course load. The ISO may determine that employment should be terminated if the student cannot enroll in 12 credits of coursework because of medical reasons.