Electronic Devices in the Classroom

The Ensign College Learning Pattern envisions students and faculty who come to class prepared and classrooms equipped to enhance learning.  The classroom should be a safe, non-distracting place—a place where everyone demonstrates mutual respect.

To promote such an environment, the College asks that electronic devices be used to enhance learning and not to become a distraction.  These devices include laptop computers, smartphones and all other electronic devices.

Instructors may—for the sake of achieving special learning objectives, or to meet individual student needs—authorize the use of specific electronic devices in their classrooms.  With each student required to have a laptop, each classroom can become a computer lab, increasing the capability of the classroom.

Laptops can be used in powerful ways to enhance learning.  Students could be asked to search for information regarding a particular topic, take short in-class exams or surveys, and access library databases and other online content.

Faculty will determine the appropriate use of electronic devices in their classrooms.  If a student is using an electronic device without the teacher’s approval or in ways not conducive to learning, the teacher will ask the student to put away such devices.