Summit Grill

Summit Grill is located outside of the Ensign College building but is still located on the Triad Center block, between the KSL building and the Devereaux Mansion.  You can also access the Summit Grill by taking the parking lot elevators down to parking level 2 (P2) and walking through the KSL building.

You can place and pay for your order at  We offer a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and Pizza Hut 9” pizzas.  Summit Grill is open Monday – Friday.

Summit Grill employs Ensign College students exclusively, so supporting Summit Grill also supports our hard-working students.

All Ensign College Students who are enrolled in classes are able to set up a meal plan account.  Purchases of food, beverages and snacks at the Outpost and all purchases made at the Summit Grill will be discounted 10% and no sales tax will be charged. You need to use your GO Account / Student ID card to receive this discount.  For detailed information about meal plans go to