Communication - Associate of Applied Science


Associate of Applied Science (AAS)


This degree is designed to provide students vital communication skills needed to gain employment or an internship in the field of communications.  Students will develop skill in writing, public speaking, and the ability to identify communication methods that will best serve a variety of audiences.  Furthermore, student’s will benefit from courses in areas of their choice that will help them explore careers in various fields.

Career Opportunities

A communications associate degree can provide the basis for rewarding careers in a variety of fields, industries, and positions.  Graduates may decide to pursue careers in various fields, depending on their elective choice, including Media Production, Journalism, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Computer Science, and Business Management.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the degree, successful graduates will be able to:

  • Learn and apply fundamental communication principles using standard media messaging formats
  • Explain mass communication effects on public discourse, individuals, and institutions
  • Demonstrate techniques of public speaking, including message development, content, projection, tone, and delivery
  • Build, manage, and optimize digital communication strategies and tactics
  • Apply communication skills and knowledge to projects in various fields

Course Requirements

Students are responsible to examine the course description of each course listed below for details of prerequisites, which must be satisfied before registering for the course.


Religion Cornerstone Courses

Students must complete two of the following courses
Course NumberTitleCredits
REL 200The Eternal Family (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 225Foundations of the Restoration (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 250Jesus Christ & His Everlasting Gospel (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 275Teachings & Doctrine of The Book of Mormon (Cornerstone)

2 credits

Total Credit Hours:4

Religion Electives

Students must complete two additional religion courses
Course NumberTitleCredits
Total Credit Hours:4

Total Credit Hours: 8

College And Career Success

Complete both of the following
Course NumberTitleCredits
CAR 101College Success

1 credit

BAP 115Excel and Introduction to Technology

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:2


Complete at least 1 credit
Course NumberTitleCredits
CAR 299Internship

1-3 credits

Total Credit Hours:1

College Fundamentals

Course NumberTitleCredits
COMM 122Interpersonal Communications

3 credits

ENG 101Introduction to College Writing

3 credits

MAT 110College Algebra

4 credits

Any math class >MAT 110 will satisfy the MAT 110 College Fundamentals requirement

Total Credit Hours: 10

Additional English Requirement

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENG 201Intermediate College Writing

3 credits

Total Credit Hours: 3

Communication Skills Certificate

Complete one of the following Communication Skills Certificates: Digital Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Technology Account Management.

Course NumberTitleCredits
Total Credit Hours:15-18

Communication Fundamentals Certificate

Course NumberTitleCredits
DCC 180Fundamentals of Content Creation

3 credits

COMM 210Mass Communication and Society

3 credits

COMM 310Writing for Communication Careers

3 credits

COMM 320Public Speaking

3 credits

COMM 330Digital Communication

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15

Elective Credits

The remaining 3-6 credits to arrive at the minimum 60 credits required for the degree are elective credits. Students interested in additional coursework directly related to the degree should consider taking courses from one of the additional Communication Skills Certificates. 

Total Credit Hours: 3-6

Total Credit Hours: 60

Graduation Requirements

1. Minimum of 60 total semester credit hours
2. Grade of C or better in all program specific courses
3. Cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher


Recommended Sequence of Courses

Depending upon the number of preparatory courses a student must take, an additional semester may be required to complete the program.


First Semester

COMM 122, Interpersonal Communications, 3 credits

DCC 180, Fundamentals of Content Creation, 3 credits
ENG 101, Introduction to College Writing, 3 credits
CAR 101, College Success, 1 credit
Communication Skills Certificate Class, 3 credits

REL, Religion Course, 2 credits

Total Minimum Semester Hours 15

Second Semester

MAT 110, 4 credits
Communication Skills Certificate Class, 3 credits

Communication Skills Certificate Class, 3 credits

BAP 115, Excel and Introduction to Technology, 1 credit

Elective, 3 credits

REL, Religion Course, 2 credits

Total Minimum Semester Hours 16

Third Semesters

Communication Skills Certificate Class, 3 credits

Communication Skills Certificate Class, 3 credits

COMM 210, Mass Communication and Society, 3 credits
ENG 201, Intermediate College Writing, 3 credits

REL, Religion Course, 2 credits

Total Minimum Semester Hours 14


Fourth Semester

COMM 310, Writing for Communication Careers, 3 credits
COMM 320, Public Speaking, 3 credits
COMM 330, Digital Channel Strategy, 3 credits
CAR 299, Internship, 1 credit

Elective or Communication Skills Certificate Course, 3 credits

REL, Religion Course, 2 credits

Total Minimum Semester Hours 15