Public Relations and Customer Service Certificate

*This certificate is available to any Latter-day Saint returned missionary who served at least 12 months and received an honorable release. 

This certificate is designed to leverage professional skills acquired during missionary service and apply them to business settings. Upon completion of a returned missionary portfolio documenting these skills, students will be granted 8 credits for prior learning experience. Students will then enroll in two courses in which they refine their public relations and customer service skills for the marketplace.


Certificate (Federal aid eligible if certificate is combined with Associate of Science degree, Associate of Applied Science degree, or Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Not eligible for federal aid as a stand-alone certificate.)

Program Outcomes

  1. Validate marketable skills developed as a missionary
  2. Communicate marketable skills to improve employment opportunities
  3. Develop additional public relations and customer service skills by building on skills developed as a missionary

Certificate Requirements and Sequence

BUS 480 Professional Leadership and Service Portfolio, 1 credit (upon successful completion, students may receive 8 elective credits reflecting their prior learning)

6 additional credits from among the following options:

  • BUS 113, Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, 3 credits
  • BUS 133, Teams and Relationships in Hospitality, 3 credits
  • DM 105, Introduction to Digital Marketing, 3 credits
  • DM 120, Digital Marketing Strategy, 3 credits
  • DM 150, Digital Marketing Analytics, 3 credits
  • COMM 122, Interpersonal Communications, 3 credits
  • COMM 320, Public Speaking, 3 credits
  • Any HR, GSO, or PM course

Total Credit Hours: 15

Graduation Requirements

Grade of C or better in all program-specific courses is required.