Laptops at Ensign College

To further increase the quality of the student experience, Ensign College has a laptop initiative where all students are required to have a laptop for classes and coursework.

The initiative is designed to provide better access to network resources and online learning opportunities.  In some cases, these resources may entirely or partially replace the need for textbooks.

A laptop improves learning and enhances collaboration; improves class preparation, research, homework and study; and facilitates better organization, planning and scheduling.
Students need to purchase laptops able to run current Microsoft applications, access Wi-Fi and have enough battery life to meet class schedules.

Some programs may require student laptops with additional capabilities.  Check with the specific program office for further information (i.e., the Information Technology and Interior Design programs).

If students have financial needs regarding the purchase of a laptop, they should contact the Student Financial Aid Office.

Laptop Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

Students need to ensure their laptop meets the minimum requirements outlined below:

  • Academic programs may have additional requirements or standards associated with a course or specific major.  Contact the specific program for additional information.
  • Mobile devices including an iPad or iPhone, Android phones, and other tablets do not meet the minimum requirements needed for a productive educational experience at Ensign College.

Is the student’s computer too old?
Ensign College recommends students use a laptop that is less than 3 years old.  

How much processing power (CPU) does the student’s computer need?
2.0 GHz dual-core processor or greater  (IT students will need at least a Quad Core processor) 

How much memory or RAM does the student’s computer need?
4GB RAM or greater (IT students will need 12 GB Ram minimum) 
Learn how to check RAM in a Windows computer.
Learn how to check RAM in a Mac.

How much available hard drive space should be on a student’s computer?
A minimum of 20GB of free space (IT students will need 500 GB Minimum) 

What should my monitor resolution be?
A monitor resolution of 1024x768 or greater

Do students need speakers, headphones or a microphone?
Ensign College recommends students have access to speakers, headphones, and a microphone.

Operating System

What operating system should students use?

Microsoft Windows
Windows 10 or higher (recommended)
Windows 8 (minimum)

Apple MacOSX
MacOSX 10.10 or higher (recommended)
MacOSX 10.8 (minimum)

Note: The College does not recommend Chromebook laptops for college use.

What should the student’s internet speed be?
We recommend 2Mbps or better. Test your current speed at

Which internet browsers should students install on their computer?
Ensign College recommends students have at least two of the following items installed:

Google Chrome latest version
Mozilla Firefox latest version
Microsoft Edge latest version

Google Chrome latest version
Mozilla Firefox latest version
Safari latest version