Readiness Testing


Ensign College does not require readiness placement testing for the English department.

Ensign College has designed a method for placing students in English courses.  This method is called Directed Self-Placement.  Incoming students looking to enroll in English 101 or its equivalent courses (ENG 101SA/ENG 101SB) should follow the recommendations in the Directed Self-Placement guide and select the course best suited to their individual needs.  Directed Self-Placement supports the mission of our college to “develop trusted and capable disciples of Jesus Christ.”  We encourage all students to complete their English 101 requirement in their first year at Ensign College.


Placement test scores, ACT/SAT scores, or a transcript showing college transfer credits are required to register for any math class above MAT 90.  Test scores or previous college credit will determine which course is appropriate.

An updated Ensign College readiness test is required if previous ACT, SAT, or placement test scores are more than 18 months old.

Students must complete placement testing or have approved transfer credits/AP scores before registering for a second semester at Ensign College. Those who have not met this requirement will be unable to register until a placement test is taken. More information regarding the Math Placement Exam can be found on our website at