Academic Freedom

Ensign College invites faculty members and students to pursue secular knowledge in a climate of religious belief. This model consciously embraces all truth, regardless of its source.

Individual freedom lies at the core of both religious and academic life and is based not only on a belief in the value of free inquiry, but also on the gospel principle that humans are moral agents. Faculty members and students are encouraged to seek knowledge in the sacred as well as the secular; to learn through their hearts, by the Spirit, and with their minds; and to honor both the written word of God and continuing revelation.

Faculty members and students are entrusted with individual academic freedom and are encouraged to pursue truth according to the theories, methodologies, and practices that characterize scholarship in the various disciplines. This trust encompasses the freedom to explore a variety of ideas.

The Board of Trustees and the academic leadership of Ensign College expect faculty members to protect the fundamental interests and the doctrines of the Church, the individual faith of Church members, and the mission of the College at all times. Faculty members are free to discuss and analyze Church doctrine and policy. However, faculty members should not engage in expressions with students privately or in public that knowingly contradict or oppose Church doctrine and policy. Faculty members should not deliberately attack or deride the Church or its leaders. Nor should they violate the Honor Code.