Immersive Learning at Ensign College

Ensign College students are immersed in learning environments where they act as agents of their learning in the development of essential personal traits and professional capabilities.

Students are invited to study and learn by faith as they seek the gifts of the Spirit to change and become responsible for their learning, developing as capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ.

Students fulfill the mission of the College through our unique Learning Signature to:

Prepare to develop and demonstrate professional capabilities.

Act as an agent of your learning in immersive environments, resulting in Deep Learning---to know, do, and become.

Demonstrate how your journey to become a capable and trusted disciple of Jesus Christ has changed and shaped you to embrace future opportunities with confidence, resiliency, and faith.

The outcomes of deep learning include capability, competence, and confidence to enter the world of work prepared to make significant contributions. Learners prepare to demonstrate and articulate to employers what they know and what they can do.

Learning experiences are designed and assessed through discipline-specific outcomes and the College-Wide Capabilities.