Dress and Grooming Standards

Dress and grooming affects how students and those around them think, behave, and learn. Students show respect by their grooming; therefore, students should wear clean, modest clothing that brings honor to themselves and the College. Clothing should not include wording, symbols, artwork or other references that are vulgar, offensive, crude, immoral, or gang-related.

Women should be neat and modest in their attire. Dresses should have sleeves, full backs, reach at least to the knee (even with leggings), and have a high enough neckline so as not to reveal cleavage. Cutoffs, if worn, should reach at least the knee. Blouses should have sleeves, high enough necklines so as not to reveal cleavage, and be long enough to keep the midriff from exposure as the student sits, walks, and bends. Clothing that has holes or ragged tears is inappropriate.

Men should be neat and modest in their attire. Shirts must be worn and should have sleeves. Cutoffs, if worn, should reach at least the knee. Exposed underwear is unwelcomed and inappropriate. Clothing that has holes or ragged tears is inappropriate.

Hair Styles: Hair styles should reflect the standards espoused by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Bizarre or unusual hair styles or coloring violate the dress and grooming standards. Dreadlocks, mohawks, faux hawks or other unusual hair styles are not allowed except in cases where such styles are strongly cultural. Such exceptions must be cleared with the Honor Code Office. Men are to have hair cut so as to be off the collar and off the ears and eyebrows.

Facial Hair: Faces should be clean-shaven with sideburns no lower than the bottom of the ear; muttonchops are not allowed. Moustaches are allowed but should not extend below the corners of the mouth. Soul patches and goatees are not allowed.

Piercings: Women who desire to have their ears pierced should wear only one pair of modest earrings. Men should not wear earrings. Other body piercings for men or women are inappropriate.

Tattoos: The body is holy and God’s creation and should not be disfigured; therefore, the Honor Code prohibits getting or displaying tattoos. Tattoos that portray satanic, violent, hateful, lewd themes may not be displayed under any circumstance. Students with previously acquired tattoos must cover them at all times.

Hats: Ensign College is a dedicated building. Out of respect for that status and as a courtesy to faculty and classmates, students are requested not to wear hats in classrooms. Hats with inappropriate language or symbols, or that imply gang membership, violate the College’s dress and grooming standards.