Ensign College’s approved housing program differs from the housing program offered by other schools affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Although landlords of approved housing agree to promote the Ensign College Housing Policy and Residential Living Standards in housing units leased to students, Ensign College does not (a) oversee landlords’ enforcement or compliance with the Housing Policy and Residential Living Standards, (b) inspect or monitor the condition or cleanliness of units, (c) review or approve lease terms or (d) mediate or become involved in disputes between landlords and students.  Students are strongly encouraged to carefully read any lease and inspect and evaluate any apartment before the student signs any lease.

Housing facilities are available to Ensign College students through a variety of off-campus property owners.  Ensign College does not own, operate or control any student housing facilities.  As an informal service to its students, Ensign College provides a list of possible housing opportunities on its website.  Students are free to make housing arrangements wherever they like and are under no obligation to choose from the facilities listed.

Ensign College makes no representation or warranty as to the suitability, quality, safety, living conditions, tenant satisfaction, value, or any other factor or condition with respect to any of the housing facilities listed on its website.  The student and his or her family are solely responsible for making all housing arrangements while attending Ensign College, including determining the suitability of a particular facility and for inspecting and otherwise evaluating the facility before entering into a lease agreement.