2017-2018 Academic Catalog

LDS Business College Staff Directory

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                                                                                                                (unless noted)

     Name*          Position Extension
Adam Celaya  Instructional Designer 1993
Andrew Olson  Software Engineer 8187
Arnie Allred  Manager of Professional Education 1943
Braden Bissegger  Project Coordinator 1934
Brady Kimber  Director of Human Resources 8171
Brandon Bowen  Reference & Instruction Manager 8181
Brent Andrus  Program Director, GSO/Project Management 1955
Brett Miller  Institute of Religion Instructor 8120
Bruce Kusch  President 8106
Bruce Schreiner  Dean of Faculty 8162
Cathy Carey  Director of Curriculum & Academic Programs 1958
Cheryl Morse  Instructional Designer 1983
Chris Graham  English Courses Supervisor 8168
Chris Reitz  Director of Financial Services & Controller 8109
Chris Wilkinson  Software Engineer 8188
Craig Bell  Vice President of Academics 1986
Cynthia Honomichl  Career Services Adviser 1922
Dan Masterson  Associate Program Director, IT 1963
Darren Butterfield  Manager, LMS Support 1949
Darrin Bates  HR Specialist 1908
David Brooksby  Dean of Students / Title IX Coordinator 8157
Dean Garner  Institute of Religion Instructor 1966
Doug McDougal  Program Director, Accounting 8165
Edwin Lewis  Enrollment Services Coordinator 1972
Eva Sommer  Executive Assistant 1904
Gail Singley  Project Coordinator 8118
Glenn McGettigan  Director of Budgets & Operations 8112
Greg Ellingson  Facilities Manager 2-3135
Guy Hollingsworth  Vice President of Student Services 1928
Holly Brinkerhoff   Student Development Adviser 1916
Howard Collett  Special Projects 8174
Hyrum Jensen  Instructional Designer 1953
Jeff Rowland  Institute of Religion Director & Chaplain 1961
Jennifer Warnas  Program Director, Professional Sales 1965
Josh Burt  Business Analyst 1913
Justin Jones  Manager of Career Services 1921
Kaleb Kunzler  Network Engineer 8191
Kaneesha Wardle  Assistant Manager, Acquisition & Retail Assistant 1940
Kelly Shepherd  Institute of Religion Instructor 8120
Ken DuVal  Director of Strategic Initiatives 1994
Kimberly Garner  Program Director, Paralegal Studies 8135
Kristen Openshaw  Library Collections Assistant 8177
Kristen Whittaker  Director of Enrollment Management 8145
Kristen Williams  Executive Assistant 8106
Laura Zemp  Director of Institutional Assessment & ALO 1991
Leslie Robbins  Faculty, English 8137
Luiza Gomes  HP Lab Assistant 8164
Lynita Ellis  Assistant HP Director & Practicum Coordinator 8164
Mark Christensen  Institute of Religion Instructor 8124
Matthew Snow  Senior Software Engineer 8186
Matthew Tittle  Program Director, AS of IS & General Education 8146
Melanie Conover  Manager of Student Financial Services 1927
Megan Wade  Administrative Assistant to Facilities Manager 2-3703
Micah Hunter  Software Engineer / Web Developer 8185
Michael Pearson  Cashier Supervisor 8116
Mike Tracy  Systems Engineer 8192
TBD  Program Director, Interior Design 8108
TBD  Program Director, Applied Technology 1948
Nelson Altamirano  Program Director, Digital Media Marketing 1951
Nickolas Champlin  IT Security Specialist 8184
Paul Mathews  Assistant Facilities Manager 2-9058
Pete Codella  Manager, Public Affairs 8174
Ricardo Rosas  Director of Marketing & Communications 1902
Rick Decker  Institute of Religion Instructor / Choir Director 8120
Riley Niemand  Financial Aid Adviser 8117
Robert Salmon  Managing Director of Strategy and Assessment 8179
Ron Case  Institute of Religion Instructor 8120
Ryan Anderson  Admissions & Outreach 6024
Sarah Sorenson  Director of Learning Resources 8149
TBD  Program Director, Business Skills 8167
Schillene Bigelow  Program Director, Health Professions 1992
Shelley Neville  Library Collections Manager 1957
TBD  Director of Career & Professional Advancement 8103
Spencer DeGraw  Program Director, IT 1947
Stacey Boman  Manager, Accounting 8126
Steve Kuykendall  Assistant Instructional Designer 1964
Steve Taylor  Manager, BC Cafe 8183
Sue Dilley  Support Specialist, Institute of Religion 8120
Sue Hepworth  Academics Coordinator 8166
Susan Taylor  Associate Registrar 8169
Tamra Taylor  Associate Registrar 8105
Tanner Esplin  Compliance Officer 8110
Tessa Caruthers  Assistant Instructional Designer 1993
Tracey Anderson  Director of Student Development 1920
Troy Brady  Manager, Help Desk 8193
Tyler Doyle  Digital Media Strategist 1970
Tyler Morgan  Registrar 8161
Vince Vaughn  Vice President of Administration 8107
Wendy Porter  Director of Instructional Design 1987
Wyatt Erickson  Application System Engineer 8189