SEVIS Record Transfer Out

SEVIS Record Transfer Outs will be processed when the international student is academically eligible to transfer. Students must notify the ISO of their final decision to transfer by completing the SEVIS Record of Transfer Form located online at BC International on the website. The student will be asked to upload a copy of the acceptance letter from the school they are transferring to. The ISO will transfer the student’s SEVIS record on the date the student has entered on that application. All employment authorizations will end the day the SEVIS record is transferred.

International students may remain in the United States up to five (5) months when transferring out of the current school without pursuing a full-time course load when in-between schools. The 5 months are calculated from the last day the student attended Ensign College and the first day of the semester in the new school. If that time period is longer than 5 months, then the SEVIS record cannot be transferred. Student status and I-20 forms are issued in connection with a specific college and program. When a student transfers to another institution, the new educational institution will issue a new I-20 Form indicating the new educational institution, new program, and the new expected program end date.