Medical Billing and Coding Certificate


Certificate (Eligible for federal aid as a stand-alone certificate or if combined with AS degree)


The Medical Billing and Coding Certificate prepares students to function in medical clinic coding/billing departments, as well as coding/billing facilities.  Students learn to analyze medical records, such as chart notes and operation reports, and assign accurate medical codes for diagnoses (ICD-10-CM), procedures (CPT), and supplies (HCPCS).  Students also learn billing and reimbursement practices, including CMS 1500 forms. The Medical Coding program prepares students to sit for a national certification exam (CPC).  

Career Opportunities

Medical billers/coders are in demand by coding/billing facilities, insurance companies, medical clinics (all specialties), and hospitals. This occupation is expected to experience faster than average employment growth with a moderate volume of annual job openings.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate, successful graduates will be able to:

  • Identify organs and structures of human anatomy and physiology of body systems, including medical terminology, related diseases/disorders, signs/symptoms, etiology, diagnostics tests, procedures, treatments/medications
  • Demonstrate accurate and efficient billing and medical coding principles, including reading and analyzing patient charts/operative notes, understanding and applying the Revenue Cycle, and assigning appropriate ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS national codes
  • Communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, regarding medical coding topics and issues using professional and appropriate methods and/or medical terminology

Course Requirements

Students are responsible for examining the course description of each course listed below for details of prerequisites, which must be satisfied before registering for the course.

Religion Course

Choose one course (2 credits)
Course NumberTitleCredits
REL 200The Eternal Family (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 225Foundations of the Restoration (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 250Jesus Christ & His Everlasting Gospel (Cornerstone)

2 credits

REL 275Teachings & Doctrine of The Book of Mormon (Cornerstone)

2 credits

Total Credit Hours:2
*Note: The required (2) credit religion course will count towards the (8) credits of required religion courses for students who are completing the AS degree + certificate 

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Core Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
MCO 105Medical Coding Lab

1 credit

MCO 190Introduction to Medical Reimbursement

4 credits

MCO 195AIntroduction to Body Systems

2 credits

MCO 195BIntroduction to Medical Coding

2 credits

MCO 201ABody Systems 1

2 credits

MCO 201BMedical Coding 1

2 credits

MCO 202ABody Systems 2

2 credits

MCO 202BMedical Coding 2

2 credits

MCO 203ABody Systems 3

2 credits

MCO 203BMedical Coding 3

2 credits

MCO 204Body Systems & Coding 4

4 credits

MCO 205Medical Coding Lab

1 credit

CAR 201Career Success

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:27

Total Credit Hours: 29

Graduation Requirements

1. Successful completion of the required 29 credit hours of core and religion courses.

2. Completion of each course with a C grade or higher.

3. Cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher. 


Recommended Sequence of Courses

Individual student circumstances, such as the need for a smaller course load or the number of preparatory English or Math courses a student must take, may require additional semesters to complete the program. Please see your academic advisor for assistance

First Semester

MCO 190, Introduction to Medical Reimbursement, 4 credits

MCO 195A, Introduction to Body Systems, 2 credits

MCO 195B, Introduction to Medical Coding, 2 credits

MCO 201A, Body Systems 1, 2 credits

MCO 201B, Medical Coding 1, 2 credits


Total Semester Minimum Hours: 12


Second Semester

MCO 105, Lab, 1 credit

MCO 202A, Body Systems 2, 2 credits

MCO 202B, Medical Coding 2, 2 credits

MCO 203A, Body Systems 3, 2 credits

MCO 203B, Medical Coding 3, 2 Credits

REL, Religion Cornerstone, 2 credits


Total Semester Minimum Hours: 11


Third Semester

MCO 204 or MCO 299, Medical Coding Practicum or Medical Coding Practicum with Internship, 4 credits

MCO 205, Medical Coding Lab, 1 credit

CAR 201, Career Success, 1 credit


Total Semester Minimum Hours: 6


Total Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Credits: 29